Can't believe I shaved my legs for this 

March 2017, Ghent
© Leontien Allemeersch 

I show you a leg.
A sculpture.
I gave this sculpture a voice.

- I show you a leg. I look like a virgin don`t I?
> I couldn`t agree with you more.
- I can’t believe I shaved my legs for this.
> you didn’t have to.
- There is something between my legs. I do not know what it is.
I do not know where it is. I do not touch it. Not now. Not anymore.
Not since last week. Last week I wore a short dress, a man yelled at me ‘ you have a nice little pussy’.
> Maybe you were asking for it ?
- In order to survive, I began to pretend there was something else
between my legs. A vegetable. A decorated room. A sauna. A praline. An oven. A flower. A couch. A sculpture.

I show you a proposition.
A protected environment.
Now get on with your life